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…all the houses. My first 5 years in Maine I did both Interior Design and provided design + sales support to real estate brokers in the greater Portland area. I worked with sellers, investors, and builders designing spec houses. As my business grew into an established, published design firm and furniture studio, I decided to only offer my expertise to my own real estate clients and not other real estate professionals. I found that I wanted to oversee the quality of the entire experience, not just designing the best product and price. It has now been over a decade of working on and being fluent in the language of Maine homes.

I only take on a limited amount of clients in specific areas of Maine with my team. We do this to ensure that we have the time and resources to prioritize our clients properly. The goal is not a high volume, empty customer experience, but a personalized, well executed transaction. If we are at client capacity we will refer you to a list of brokers who will treat you with equal care and consideration.

My areas of expertise include coastal communities of Yarmouth, Falmouth, Cumberland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Portland, and Brunswick.

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